Now Is Not The Time To Stay Silent | #BlackLivesMatter

Now Is Not The Time To Stay Silent | #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter @sacree_frangine

Illustration by @sacree_frangine

We wanted to address all that has been going on over the last week. We both fully stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement with more than just a few words on this post.

As both women of white privilege we understand how important it is to stand up and use this privilege to amplify the voices of those who need it. It’s with us to address our own privilege, confront racist behaviours within our own friend/family circles and to be active anti-racism members of society.

To be ‘not a racist’ is no longer enough.

As a small business which only began a few months we do not have huge funds available to donate sitting & waiting, but for the month of June we will be donating 5% of our profits to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

We will keep you updated each week how this is going over on our Instagram. We realise this is only a very small gesture, but we want our values to reflect in this situations of injustice like this.

Keep shouting from the rooftops,

Allie & Sophie