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Allie Smith - 22 Jul 2020

5 Summer Dining Essentials

Dining in the summer floods back memories of sharing platters, pitchers of sweet cocktails and a chorus of laughs as the evening pulls in and then sun fades. It truly is the season for coming together and making memories that will last a lifetime.

We all know when you’re the host having the perfect table setting is everything, well okay, the food is also pretty important but stay with us here. It’s a perfect balance between having the right pieces and looking effortlessly pulled together. There is no compliment like a guest swinging out their phone to take a quick snap before digging into the food, are we right?

Here at Sunday Living we have just launched our Speckled Dining Collection with warm summer evenings in mind. The perfectly hand-crafted pieces, of which no two are the same are the perfect way to host a brilliant evening and be a brilliant talking point too. But which pieces are essential to a perfect summer dining situation? Let’s delve in…

Our 5 Dining Essentials

1. Plates

Jumping straight in with the obvious, but very important plates. It’s important to have the right kind of plate for the right situation. Are we talking three course meal, or just picky bits?  Set the mood right with the right size plates. In our Speckled Dining Collection we have both the perfect Dinner Plate and Side Plate to manage between the food situations.

2. Dipping Bowls

Let’s talk sauces and dressings, it’s all too easy to serve up your hummus in the pot it comes in, but if you want to up your host game, decant it into a beautiful Dipping Bowl for maximum effect. Your guests will likely think you’ve hand-made it, we won’t tell if you don’t.

3. Napkins

Being eco-conscious is incredibly important, throw away paper napkins are a little unsustainable for our liking. Pick up some Cotton Napkins, which can be reused again and again. Also, it does help that they look that bit more stylish too.

4. Candle Stick Holders

There’s nothing quite like the flickering light of candles as the evening draws darker, adding perfectly to the ambience. To add a little height and elegance to your dining table, opt for some interesting Candle Stick Holders. As they burn on, they’ll give the whole feel of the table an indicator of how well the night is going!

5. Nibble Bowls

All good dining situations start with a good few nibbles, whether you have some delicious olives, crunchy pretzels or the classic peanut. A Nibble Bowl made with a natural material will look very stylish in an understated way. Small, but perfectly formed they can be dotted all over the dinner table to reduce any awkward lean overs going on.

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